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Welcome to DER DIVAN!

In the Persian-Arab cultural space, the word divan is associated with productivity and creativity (Persian دیوان, dīwān: gathering place; collected works of a poet; government office; a traditional strin
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Meeting place

Both of these images are combined at DER DIVAN Deutschwerkstatt (“German Workshop”) – as a real meeting place where linguistic and cultural competencies are developed and practiced in a fun, protected
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Individual approach

DIVAN customers are offered lessons that are tailor-made to their needs, determined by a detailed initial consultation that will consider their life backgrounds, social dimensions, and interests, as well as the
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German at all levels

A collaborative practice – an essential feature at DER DIVAN – also demonstrates our methodical didactic approach: German at all levels, in accordance with GER (the foreign language guidelines of th
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Exam preparation

Test preparation for respective formats (ÖIF, ÖSD, admission exams) is offered as part of the course program, and we also offer one-on-one coaching for entrance exams to tertiary education institutions. DER D